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Located in Pera Gialos (old port) bay on a Cycladic architecture building, one of the oldest in Asrypalea since 1890, is the workshop of Antony & Maria, Artists who follow the folklore way of tradition in art and mix it with innovated ideas to make unique souvenirs and personalized gifts made by driftwood, straw, rattan, clay, rug, silver & gold plated jewelry, hand-drawn t-shirt and much more. 

Our Team

Personalized gift is of the most important for us, don’t be just a Tourist is our target. This is why in our shop you will find thousands of small art items each different than the other and because our products are really handmade in Greece by us we often make the souvenirs in front of the customers offering not just a simple visit in a shop 


Our Mascot 

Omorfula (Bella), is our loyal companion, we find her eight years ago abandoned, since then she is with us. For some people she is just a dog, for us is a part of our family, often visitors of the island refer to our shop not by name but the place where the dog is , because she is a beautiful and famous girl! Tips : she loves free hugs !

Astypalea Island

Astypalea has traveled through centuries with the same name. According to Greek Mythology, Astypalea and Europe were the daughters of Finikos and Perimidis. Astypalea is a rich and attractive island to all the senses! Rich in historical memories, traditional expressions,natural beauties and kind feelings! Astypalea is the bridge which connects Cyclades with Dodecanese. Located between Anafi, Kos & Amorgo, Astypalea is a drop of heaven. The Castle of Astypalea, at one time, had a key which closed the door so as not to reveal the beautiful girls. Now, Astypalea is as open and welcoming as the welcoming hearts of its inhabitants! We are sure, you will find your own reasons to love this amazing place.

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Pera Gialos Astypalaia                                                Greece, 859 00

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Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 00:30 UTC +2

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